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#oneitemamonth - My Try

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Following on from my previous post, here is My Try on the #OneItemAMonth Challenge.

As a conscious consumer, the thought of only buying one item of clothing (and shoes) a month didn't sound partially challenging. However, since the beginning of the challenge only 1 month ago, I've become a lot more aware of my desire and want for general stuff.

I'm currently 2 months in, and I've already hit some difficulties.

Whilst in London for February's Fashion Week, I was really good. Full of inspiration from a talk by Tess Montgomery, I managed to walk into Topshop on Oxford street and walk out with a just headband (see the orange picture ). That was February's item and the first of the challenge.

March has proven to be a little tricker. Since the beginning of the month, I have already purchased two items and several are waiting for me in my Depop basket. That said, only 1 of the 2 items bought, are new (see the jeans). The other was a golden find in a local charity shop. A pair of second hand, white boots originally from New look, still in a great condition for a bargain of £2.

I considered letting any items purchased second-hand not count. But, even if I'm consuming loads of second-hand garments, I'm still a hoarding fast-fashion consumer. I've had to remind myself that the idea of the challenge is to reduce the amount I buy and consume.

So march has been a little blip, nobody is perfect.

I'm on a mission to continue with this challenge for the minimum of one year. But I'm hopeful that the challenge will transform my consumer habits, and become apart of my lifestyle of the foreseeable future.

Keep up to date with my #OneItemAMonth Challenge via my Instagram @melissafraser.photo.

Side note - With the rise of Covid-19, any thought of buying clothes has gone completely out the window. During these uncertain times, clothes are not particularly high on my priority list. This is great for my bank balance, but not so for any small independent shops.

Support your local community and stay safe my lovelies,



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