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Talks with Tess Montgomery

During my time in London for February's Fashion Week, I attended the talk 'From shopaholic to curating my own sustainable capsule wardrobe', by the wonderful Tess Montgomery at a #LetsSlowDown event.

Tess Montgomery, the model, influencer, and curator of #MINDFLUENCING began the presentation by discussing the telltale signs of a shopaholic. One on which I can relate to oh too well: Shopping to feel good. (I must admit, I've done this a few times, who hasn't?)

Shes went on to talk through her shopaholic past, "I was a shopaholic, constantly getting high on the latest trend and consuming fast fashion like there was no tomorrow". Fortunately, she realised there is, in fact, a tomorrow and if she wanted it to be a good one, she knew she'd have to change. Recognising her shopping habit, she become very aware of how much she owned.

'The number of clothes I had made me feel sick'.

Inspired by the queen of organising, Marie Kondo, Tess began her epic clear out. Without thinking, she piled all her clothes on her bed and quickly went through them. Throwing items she loved to the left side and everything else to the right. Once organised, and unwanted items donated, she colour-coded her wardrobe. And for the first time in her life, she has more hangers than clothes.

This was inspiring, perhaps I'll do the same. (tbf this will make a great lockdown activity #stayathome ✌.)

There are many benefits to a good clear-out. Not only will it help you find/re-define your personal style. But it's also great for your mental health too. During your clear out you should be able to identify some 'wardrobe heroes'.

  • Wardrobe hero - An item used and 3 years old

  • Wardrobe superhero - An item worn frequently and 5 + yrs old

  • Essentials - Jeans & T-shirts

  • Style defining items - Timeless pieces that define your style

To keep her shopping sustainable, Tess proceeded on to introduce the creation of the #OneItemAMonth Challenge. The goal is clear within the name: only purchase one item of clothing a month. With an army of Instagram followers doing it alongside her, together they motivate and inspire themselves to all buy less and buy better.

So what the formula? Don't just buy any old tat a month - we're aiming to create a timeless wardrobe after all. Try focusing on sustainable brands, with a price pre-wear mindset. This way, the most expensive item in your wardrobe can end up being your cheapest.

Feeling inspired, I'm determined to try this #oneitemamonth challenge, I'm confident this will make me conscious of my buying habits and in the long run, save me some pennies. Thank you Tess for the inspiring info. You can find more of Tess at https://www.tessm.blog/.

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